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Residents encouraged to sign up for yard cleaning

The snow has melted and revealed people’s yards for what they really are: a mess. The South Portland Boys’ Lacrosse team is prepared to clear away the springtime mess for South Portland residents on April 14 with their yard clean-up fundraiser.

“We remove light debris and then we’ll dump it for you,” said Chris Leddy, president of the Lacrosse Boosters and parent of a sophomore on the lacrosse team.

The team will take all yard debris to the transfer station in South Portland.

“The city has been helpful with the yard clean up,” Leddy said.

Leddy said April 15 has been scheduled as the snow date.

“We can still take yard debris to the transfer station on Sunday,” Leddy said.

The team charges $80 per yard and will rake and remove brush and any other similar yard debris.

“They won’t be doing any chainsaw work,” joked Leddy.

Before the team cleans a person’s yard, Leddy will go out and inspect the site to make sure it’s appropriate for the team to clean up in terms of size and level of debris.

The yard clean up isn’t the only upcoming spring fundraiser for the team; they will hold a car wash at Napa Auto Parts in Millcreek on May 12.

“Local businesses are always really supportive (of sports team fundraisers),” Leddy said.

The lacrosse team plans to only clean yards in South Portland and if a resident wants a yard cleaned on April 14 they can call Leddy at 615-3083 and he will make the necessary arrangements.

– Compiled by Staff Writer Kristy Wagner

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