2012-03-30 / Business Review

At Elevation Burger, fast food does not mean junk food. The burgers are made from 100% organic, grass-fed, free range beef ground fresh daily.

In today’s burger scene, fresh products are hard to come by. Elevation Burger offers an original and healthy experience for the everyday burger-lover, right here in South Portland!

The staff at Elevation Burger prepares all their ingredients fresh every day. From grinding their beef to slicing their vegetables in house, everything is freshly prepared to your order.

Elevation Burger knows that it’s tough to eat healthy in a world of chemically enhanced fast food. Because of that, they make their menu with your well-being in mind. The burgers are made out of 100 percent organic, grass-fed beef which is ground fresh daily. The cheese is cheddar, aged at least six months, not the processed cheese widely used elsewhere. Under a patent pending on their process, the french fries are peeled and sliced on the premises and cooked in 100% olive oil. This heart healthy option is unique in the market.

Elevation Burger believes in a transparent and open approach. An open kitchen allows customers to see how their food is being prepared, right before their eyes. The staff proudly stands behind their products. Furthermore, you’ll find calorie counts on the menu. Grass-fed beef has fewer calories than grain fed and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the single burgers have only 330 calories.

To perfect the fresh experience, neither the burgers nor the fries begin cooking until you place your order. When complete, your food is conveniently delivered to your table. You won’t find any microwaves or heat lamps at Elevation Burger. “We are trying to change the way America does burgers,” said Drew Litman, who manages the South Portland Elevation Burger. “We bring an organic product at a comparable price point to the traditional burger concepts that use grain fed beef with fillers and chemicals.”

“For parents it’s great to have a healthy option to give their kids when they want a burger.” Elevation Burger owner Mark Caron stated. “We have the best tasting, freshest burgers around, plus, who wants to put unhealthy food in their kids’ body?”

For those who are looking for something other than conventional burgers, Elevation Burger offers two options of veggie burgers with one being vegan. And for those trying to avoid bread or looking for a “gluten free” option, they offer a burger wrapped in lettuce.

Elevation Burger is always looking for new ways to make their burgers better. In the upcoming months they will add organic bacon and mushrooms to an already long list of free toppings.

And if you’re still hungry after one of their well-portioned burgers, make sure to try a hand scooped shake or malt. Choose chocolate, vanilla, or coffee ice cream flavor then pick from a long list of delicious toppings to mix in. It’s the perfect after-dinner treat!

For more information and a full menu, visit www.elevationburger.com or call 899-0406. Stop in at Elevation Burger, 85 Western Ave. in South Portland to enjoy a quality burger at a quality price today!

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