2012-03-30 / Business Review

Cakes, cookies, whoopee pies and cupcakes that look like they fell from heaven itself at Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot

When you step inside Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot on Broadway in South Portland, you step into a sugarcoated world of cakes, cookies, whoopee pies and cupcakes that look like they fell from heaven itself. With its pink and white striped walls and artistic cake samples decorating the main floor, the bakery could not be more welcoming and cheerful.

Jessica Parrot, owner and operator of Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot, opened her shop in the 740 Broadway Plaza on November 7. “I go anywhere in New England,” Jessica says, adding that she has baked for weddings and other events in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Other than designing and baking her fabulous wedding cakes from scratch, Jessica also designs and bakes dessert tables for events of all sizes. Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot will work with any budget to deliver the finest quality desserts for whatever event you have in mind.

“I always work within people’s budgets,” says Jessica.

Jessica sells coffee and small pastries in her bakery in addition to her custom cake and dessert designs for events. Her bakeshop even has Wi-Fi for customers who just want to surf the Internet while enjoying a deliciously oversized whoopee pie.

Jessica bakes alone and designs projects from the flour she uses to the way the final product sits on display on the day of the event. She even creates her own sugar flowers.

“I did 70 weddings last season and 40 the year before that,” says Jessica, who says a lot of her business generates from word-ofmouth advertising or people seeing her work at weddings and events. Jessica says she takes a very personal approach when she begins working with a new client.

“Most people are not sure what they like when they first walk in,” Jessica says. Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot offers unique cakes and baked good designs. Jessica doesn’t provide a book of the cakes she creates; she asks you what you want and then creates accordingly.

“Everything I do is a custom job,” Jessica says.

Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot is affiliated with several local vendors and has worked with various wedding planners in Maine.

Make sure to book in advance if you want to snag Jessica and her tasty talents for your wedding or event. “I suggest they book with me as soon as they know (the date of the event),” says Jessica, who has baked and delivered up to six cakes in a single week before. Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot is a preferred vendor at French’s Point Private Estate Weddings and has gained a reputation at many other venues where her work has appeared. For more information on Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot visit www.nothingbakeslikeaparrot.com where you can also take a look at the bakery’s blog, or call (207) 899- 1088.

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