2012-03-30 / Business Review

Southern Maine Physical Therapy Offers a New Program

Brenda and Scott Ayre, physical therapists and owners of Southern Maine Physical Therapy. Brenda and Scott Ayre, physical therapists and owners of Southern Maine Physical Therapy. The staff of Southern Maine Physical Therapy (SMPT) has been providing services to people affected by arthritis and rheumatic disease for many years. And this year they are excited to introduce a new Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease Program to address the unique needs of this audience.

Generalized national health surveys from organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimated more than 21% of US adults in 2005 had diagnosed arthritis. This alone represented more than 45 million people. And, the physical obstacles which stem from rheumatic disease are among the greatest causes of disability in the country. The new program at SMPT addresses the needs of this population.

A somewhat universal experience of living with a rheumatic disease is muscle weakness and joint inflammation. Overtime, this can lead to decreased mobility, joint deterioration and deformity. While this aspect of rheumatic disease cannot be cured, education, physical therapy, nutrition, relaxation and exercise can positively influence the overall management of disease. And, these are precisely the components of the new program offered at SMPT.

“We’ve been working with patients affected by arthritis and other related diseases for a long time and decided to organize the various components into the Arthritis and Rheumatic Disease Program,” says Scott Ayre, PT and owner of SMPT. “Our number one focus is to limit the pain and inflammation that comes with these diseases and we’ve seen great relief and improvement of both for our patients.”

The comprehensive approach of this program drives its success and sets it apart. “By helping our patients understand what is happening to their bodies, we are better able to serve as a partner with their overall disease management,” says Brenda Ayre, PT and owner of SMPT. This is a unique component of the program at SMPT and it helps shape all other aspects. “Our staff expertise includes customized physical therapy, personal training and massage therapy, and each of these is adapted to the individual.”

Supporting the wellness of its patients – in a unique, comprehensive way – is something everyone at SMPT is proud to be known for within the communities they serve. “This program is the first of its kind in Maine,” indicates Scott, “and we’re excited to introduce it to our patients, their families and the medical community as a whole.” To learn more, please stop by or call the South Portland 799-9700 or Westbrook 854-1239 SMPT locations.

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