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For almost 17 years Dr. Newton’s Naturals has been providing natural vitamins and supplements to customers all over the United States and Canada. Through a talented team of sales representatives, Dr. Newton’s Naturals takes the time to get to know the needs of their customers, while building long lasting relationships.

Dr. Newton’s Naturals mentors their employees so they are well informed and ready to work with a diverse clientele. By implementing various training programs, the employees at Dr. Newton’s Naturals are able to educate their clients on the benefits of their products.

Outbound Sales Representative, Bruce Friedland has worked in sales for most of his career, and says that he has never had a more satisfying job than working at Dr. Newton’s Naturals. For the past three years Bruce found that he loves building a solid rapport with his clientele and enjoys assisting them in reaching their goals.

“People are always looking to improve their health and we are here to help them,” Bruce said. “We want to build a trusting and comfortable relationship because it is so rewarding once the end results appear!”

What we do is interview our customers and ask them about their health issues,” Bruce said. “We take into account what they are currently taking and what they take for prescribed medications. Then we provide a roadmap as to how to help them.”

Dr. Newton’s Naturals adheres to the highest quality of standards and their products are manufactured in an FDA approved laboratory. Their customer support group is the best in the country and located right in South Portland.

“We all care about our customers and want what is best for them,” states Inbound Sales Representative Bill Greene.

“We contact our customers once a month, sometimes just to check in and see how they are doing,” Bruce said. “I want them to tell me how they’re feeling, and what they are experiencing. It’s not just about a product, it’s about creating a one-on-one relationship with the person you are talking to.”

Working at Dr. Newton’s Naturals means being part of a rewarding experience, while being surrounded by other genuine and hard working professionals. The customer service representatives know and trust their product, and want to make sure their clients are confident with decisions about what goes into their bodies.

“I’m not just an employee here, I’m a customer,” said Customer Service Representative, Jill Orlando. “We offer so many products that no matter what you are looking to improve, we will tailor a product especially for you. Every person is different and we want our clients to feel unique.”

Being a part of the Dr. Newton’s Natural team is more than a job: it’s a career, and the people who you work with are not just your co-workers; they are your family who share the goal of helping others. By working at Dr. Newton’s Naturals you gain hands-on experience working along side professionals. Your time here creates unique opportunities to grow professionally, as you continue to develop, diversify, and expand. “We are a tight-knit group of people that want to help each other.” Bruce stated.” “Everyone is really united here, which is important. It makes it feel like a family atmosphere that carries over in our product lines and our service. You just can’t beat that.”

For more information about employment opportunities at Dr. Newton’s Natural’s, visit online at www.drnewtonscorp.com/employment.

Call or email us your questions at (207) 370-3380 or jobs1@drnewtons.com.

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