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Taco trio blends a variety of classic Mexican dishes

Residents in South Portland know a well-kept secret to escape a grey, Maine winter. The answer lies inside Taco Trio, where the authentic and traditional Mexican food will transport you back to south of the border.

Manny, owner of Taco Trio, prepares recipes from his family and staff that were handed down from generation to generation. Taco Trio’s menu features traditional dishes from numerous regions of Mexico that appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Manny is originally from Guanajuato, Mexico where he learned to cook from his parents. After leaving Mexico, he worked in restaurants around the United States including Dallas and North Carolina. In 2011, Manny opened Taco Trio, finally living his dream of running a restaurant.

“I’ve worked with food my entire life,” Manny said. “I worked with my father who was a butcher and my mother taught me everything I needed to know about life. Cooking was one of those things”

Taco Trio prepares popular style dishes known as “street food,” which is trendy in Mexico, Arizona and the West Coast. Half of the menu remains the same, so people can enjoy Taco Trio’s classic items throughout the year. The other half is dedicated to trying new items so customers can see a side of Mexican dining that they may have never thought of trying before. Manny said that he uses rare ingredients that are grown in Mexico, to add to the authenticity of his menu.

“Cooking is the most fun job you can have,” Manny said. “When you are trying something new or a recipe you haven’t cooked before, you can reproduce flavors and aromas from our own towns.”

Taco Trio blends a variety of classic Mexican dishes while creating unique items to add a new element to their menu.

Customers can choose from an assortment of tacos, quesadillas, sopes and burritos filled with your choice of beef, pork, steak or chicken. All the sopes’ bowls are handmade and Taco Trio only uses the freshest ingredients for their meals.

The staff at Taco Trio also has a strong commitment to keeping the environment clean. Taco Trio uses recycled paper, recyclable products and biodegradable ‘plastic.’ Manny also provides food scraps to a large-scale commercial composting venture and converts their used fryolator to fuel.

Manny said the best part of his job is serving his customer. The

people in South Portland have been very supportive and enjoy the food at Taco Trio. He is grateful that he can share something unique with the community that everyone can enjoy.

“It’s been great to know the people in South Portland and feel their excitement when I talk to them about food. It seems like the people here like trying new things” For more information and a full menu, visit www.taco-trio.com or call 767-9055. Stop in 119 Ocean St. in South Portland to enjoy authentic Mexican food today!

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