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Accomplishments many for Cape native

By Kristy Wagner
Staff Writer

Caitlin Jordan with her nephew, Sam, on Alewive’s Brook Farm in Cape Elizabeth. 
(Kristy Wagner photo) Caitlin Jordan with her nephew, Sam, on Alewive’s Brook Farm in Cape Elizabeth. (Kristy Wagner photo) Caitlin Jordan is a resident who dedicates every day to preserving Cape Elizabeth’s farm culture and way of life.

At only 28 years old, Jordan has served on the town council since December 2010 and she is also involved in the Cape Farm Alliance and Cape Business Alliance. In addition, Jordan works as a local attorney and recently she was hired as the assistant coach for the University of New England’s new women’s ice hockey team.

“I am getting it all done where I can get it done,” Jordan said while babysitting her niece and nephew at her family’s Alewive’s Brook Farm on Old Ocean House Road.

Alewive’s Brook Farm has existed since 1957. The farm produces vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, beans and cabbage, and chickens roam the property; the Jordan family sells the eggs. Jordan and her brother also trap lobsters and sell them at their vegetable market on Alewive’s Farm.

Jordan works the farm with her father, Jodie Jordan, and her brother, Lincoln Jordan. Before Alewive’s existed, her family had farms in other parts of Cape Elizabeth.

“My father and brother do a lot of hands on farming out in the field,” Jordan said. “I enjoy the whole aspect of selling and marketing.”

Jordan is the 13th generation of her family to farm in Cape Elizabeth. She loves the work and said farming is what she has always known.

“This is how I have grown up, how I have lived my whole life,” Jordan said. “I enjoy having the flexible schedule and my work is right here – I step right outside and go to work every day.”

The Jordan family are cousins of the farmers who run Jordan’s Farm on Wells Road and the two farms partnered last year to create Cape Farms Market Four Seasons of Maine.

The online market allows people to order products from both farms and then pick up their items at either Jordan’s Farm or Alewive’s Brook Farm.

“We started Cape Farms Market last year,” Jordan said. “Maine products and produce are available every season.”

Jordan is a strong supporter of people buying local products and works with the Cape Farm Alliance to increase availability of local produce in Cape Elizabeth and in the surrounding communities.

“I think farming is doing alright, it’s just getting people to come back,” Jordan said. “It’s more than just saying you support local – it’s actually getting out there every week and making it a lifestyle change. Every week it’s changing your life.”

The alliance is made up of local farmers, fishermen, gardeners and business owners who want to support and sustain local food production in Cape Elizabeth.

“(Cape Farm Alliance) started years ago, but when I moved home I became more involved.

Jordan graduated South Portland High School and then left Cape Elizabeth to attend college at New England College in Henniker, N.H. She attended Franklin Pierce Law Center in New Hampshire – since renamed the University of New Hampshire School of Law after completing her undergraduate studies.

Jordan owns and operates The Farmer’s Daughter Legal Services in Cape Elizabeth, where she works as a local attorney. She opened her legal office in May 2011 and said her farm schedule allows her to run the office as she sees fit.

“I am a lawyer, a guardian and a mediator. That’s what I meant by having a flexible schedule here,” Jordan said.

Jordan ran for town council after her relative and former town councilor, Penny Jordan, asked if she would consider it.

“Penny was on (the town council) and wanted to step down because she was hoping to go forward on the state level with Eliot Cutler and she asked me if I would consider running,” Jordan said. “We had a certain perspective and way of life that we shared on the council, so I put my papers in and ended up getting elected.”

Jordan’s council term ends in 2013 and she said she is still unsure if she will run again.

“I don’t know how much I can handle if I take on more in other areas,” Jordan said.

Jordan said she is at least 10 years younger than the other councilors and feels her age adds diversity to the town council and gives her generation a voice in local government.

“The way (other councilors) live their life is not the same as I live my life and other people in my generation do,” Jordan said.

Jordan believes family is everything and she, her siblings, cousins, and other extended family live in Cape Elizabeth very near to one another.

“It’s a completely different way of life some people just don’t understand,” Jordan said. “We don’t plan on going very far from each other.”

Jordan and her brother, Lincoln, have even started to farm together on a 14-acre plot of land in Cape Elizabeth that Jordan owns, and where she plans to build her house. The siblings call their 14 acres “Jordan Generations.”

“We started with a simple 1-acre pumpkin patch and this year we’re going to expand it by another acre or two and plant some squash,” Jordan said. “We have started to branch out to see if we can do this farming thing as well as our father.”

Among her many commitments, Jordan also donates part of her time to the Cape Elizabeth Business Alliance, where she serves as the vice president.

“We modeled (Cape Business Alliance) after the name of the Cape Farm Alliance to show (relation between the two) in the community,” Jordan said.

Jordan said most of her community involvement and dedication to Cape Elizabeth is her personal effort to preserve the way of life she enjoyed growing up.

“It’s definitely trying to make sure the way I grew up and all of those values and all of those things I find most important are still available and possible for when I have children,” Jordan said.“Even for my niece and nephew – they should be able to play out back here with the chickens and not have to worry about anything. I want to make sure that that’s preserved.”

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