2012-05-04 / Community

Thank You Mom

After 17 hours of labor, we were a family! Our only concern was, we didn’t know what to do.. Some family members insisted they would stay around for a week or two but we found ourselves with our new born very much on our own. A bunch of sleepless nights, trying to figure out the nursing thing which after a few weeks finally happened, both tired and exhausted trying to get through. I came home for lunch one day within the first two weeks of Gabby being born and there they were on the couch. Gabby had Melissa by the nose and at that moment I realized Melissa was a full time Mom! It’s strange to have only one day of recognition for your Mom. Everyday should be a Mom’s Day! When I see my kids open up a door for someone, I thank their Mom. When they say “Thanks for the ride to practice Dad,” I thank their Mom. I woke up this morning at 5:45am to find my Jackson reading again. I thank their Mom. The times we meet with their teachers to talk about goals and grades, I thank their Mom. When Jackson fell off his bike and needed stitches, I thanked their Mom. Later that day when we were playing soccer and I kicked a ball that opened up the wound and Melissa once again headed to a 4 hour wait at the hospital, I thanked their Mom. Last year I wrote a note in my card to my Mom. “Thanks for having me Mom!” Life is so full and busy. Each day we all should take a moment and say, “Thank you Mom.”

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