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Candidate has love for state

To the editor:

A primary election offers voters an opportunity to choose between qualified candidates and select the one that most closely aligns with the voter’s values and beliefs, and who the voter thinks will represent constituents with the highest commitment. All primary candidates are to be commended for their determination to take on the daunting task of being a legislator.

In Senate District 7, Rebecca Millett is the clear choice to represent the people of Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough and South Portland.

Rebecca’s professional, educational and personal experiences span a wide range of disciplines. From financial practices advising for Ukranian business executives in the Peace Corps, to business management and technical consulting for public housing and children’s initiatives in New York City – read her biography (www.rebeccamillett.com) and see for yourself. Rebecca’s community service also includes a wide scope of local issues, from education to agriculture to the arts.

Rebecca has been a champion for the students of Cape Elizabeth while serving on the board of education, as well as a skillful negotiator and facilitator of the board’s complicated processes and committees. Undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration and policy and international relations set the stage for a multi-faceted career path. Rebecca has a proven record of leadership, problem solving and the clear thinking that is so critical to the decision-making and policy-setting job of a state senator.

But what commends Rebecca most to me is her love of this state, its special places and natural resources, and her fervent wish to see her children prosper and grow in the great beauty of Maine.

Please vote for Rebecca in the June 12 primary election.

Rep. Jane Eberle
South Portland

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