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Letters to the Editor

Candidate has energy, intellect for the seat

To the editor:

Please join me in supporting Rebecca Millett for the District 7 Maine State Senate seat. She is the one candidate who has the most practical business and public service experience positioning her for highly effective leadership on our behalf in Augusta.

I observed her hard work and commitment to public service as a member of our local school board. She is an intelligent and tireless individual who does not shy away from challenges. Her work in helping the former Soviet satellite state of Ukraine transform from a command economy to a free market system speaks volumes about her abilities and tenacity. Rebecca’s experience in both the private and public sectors will be critically important and useful given the current economic and political climate in Maine (and our nation).

Rebecca is the one candidate who is prepared for the challenge and has the work ethic, intellect and desire to get things done for the citizens of our community.

Rebecca will bring to Augusta the type of experience, energy and leadership that is needed in these challenging times.

Kevin J. Stilphen Cape Elizabeth

Farmers market is about more than just food

To the editor:

Now that the South Portland Farmers Market has relocated to Hinckley Drive, this will help more local businesses, as it is closer. Did you know the average shopper spends between $10 to $20 at local businesses every time they shop at a farmers market?

Support the market so it can help local businesses. The farmers market is a partnership between the city of South Portland and the farmers market association. The market will improve the quality of life for South Portland and Cape Elizabeth residents. It’s about good nutrition. It’s about supporting local agriculture and artisans. It’s about building community.

David Orbeton South Portland

Rebecca Millett more than qualified for seat

To the editor:

We are at a time in American government where we must have the best possible people representing us. I believe the best candidate for Senate District 7 is Rebecca Millett. This seat was once held by Larry Bliss and currently by Cynthia Dill, who is stepping down to run for a U.S. Senate seat.

I find Rebecca Millett to be a tireless worker who has a great concern for education, the environment, equality and the creation of Maine jobs by utilizing the tremendous amount of renewable resources we have here in Maine. Rebecca will be a strong and reliable voice on the issues that are most important to our residents from South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough. She will do her homework and will step to the front to lead the charge in representing our citizens. She has reached out to our residents and knows the difficulties that face our senior citizens as well as the growing needs of our diverse student population. As the past chairman of the Cape Elizabeth School Board, she knows the issues well and will continue reaching out to the community to stay informed on the changing issues. Rebecca Millett will be a consistent and visible presence in Augusta, and I am convinced she is well qualified and will be a responsible representative of our people. From the Peace Corps to Wall Street, to being a mom of twins, Rebecca Millett brings a variety of life’s experiences to the position of a Maine senator.

Tom Blake South Portland

Off to the farmers market in Portland

To the editor:

It would seem that the South Portland City Council has once again stubbed its collective toe. Apparently, vendors for the South Portland Farmers Market are being subtracted because of an ordinance that should have been clarified before the fact instead of after the fact.

So, while the muddling goes on, I will continue to thoroughly enjoy my treks to Monument Square to partake of the Portland Farmers Market. There are literally tons of fresh produce, gorgeous flowers and herbs and a variety of home produced food items. Crafts and arts are displayed with pride that include jewelry, drawings and photographs, just to name a few. And let’s not forget the music.

After completing my shopping, I will enjoy a hot dog (mustard and relish, please) and an iced tea. I will listen to music, relaxing in an active, vibrant and liberating atmosphere. And, who knows? I may even find someone who will sharpen my knives!

Carolyn Trundy Sayward South Portland

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