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Two Democrats vie for District 7 Senate seat


Maine’s Senate District 7 is made up of Cape Elizabeth, South Portland and part of Scarborough. It’s currently held by Sen. Cynthia Dill, who is running to replace Olympia Snowe in the U.S. Senate. Incumbent state Rep. Bryan Kaenrath will square off against former Cape Elizabeth school board chairman Rebecca Millett for the Democratic nomination at the June 12 primary election. Their responses to a candidate survey appear here in alphabetical order. The winner will run against South Portland resident Gary Crosby in the November general election.

Bryan Kaenrath

Age: 28

Position seeking: State senator, District 7

Address: Barberry Creek Road, South Portland

Occupation: Legislator, graduate student, Black Point Inn part time employee

Marital status: Single

Children/family: Not yet

Highest Level of education completed: Bachelor of Arts, currently completing a Master of Business Administration

Name and location of school or university last attended: University of Maine, Husson University

Top three issues: (in order of priority)

1. Improving our economy and bringing jobs to Maine

2. Investing in education for our local public schools and community colleges/ university system

3. Reforming our health care system, bringing down costs and improving access to universal care

In your own words, why are you seeking elected office?

I am running for office to use my legislative experience to strongly advocate for our community and change the direction of our current state government. I believe that Gov. (Paul) LePage and the Republican-controlled Legislature are taking our state in the wrong direction. I will stand up for working families, our environment, public education, women’s rights and new solutions to transform Maine’s economy. Perhaps the most important part of being a legislator is constituent service and outreach; we all have to work together and build new coalitions to make change happen. I am the only candidate in this race with a proven track record of standing against the destructive LePage agenda. I am proud of this record and will have the ability to draw sharp contrasts with the Republican nominee this fall in a race Democrats must win. Having won hard-fought campaigns in the past I feel well prepared as a tested candidate to keep our senate seat in the Democratic column this November. In my time in Augusta I have been part of some amazing efforts to move us forward including being a co-sponsor of the original 2009 bill for marriage equality, new funding for cancer screenings, banning toxins in children’s products and promoting math and science education. The past two years in Augusta have been difficult and regressive for our state. I want to be part of moving us forward, not back, and make us all proud once again. Learn more at www.Kaenrath.com.

Rebecca Millett

Age: 49

Position seeking: State senator, District 7

Address: 12 Waumbek Road, Cape Elizabeth

Occupation: Consultant

Marital status: Married

Children/family: twin 13-year-old boy and girl

Highest Level of education completed: MBA

Name and location of school or university last attended: University of Chicago

Organizations and activities: Cape Elizabeth School Board, 2004-2011 chairman in 2010; Finance chairman in 2006, 2007, 2008. Executive Committee, Cape Elizabeth Democratic Committee since 2003; Active volunteer/organizer for many local, state and national Democratic campaigns; co-founder of citizens’ advocacy group to local education; board of directors, Portland Chamber Music Festival; board of advisors Of Farms & Fables.

Top three issues:

1. Good jobs with livable wages for all Mainers

2. Strong public schools for our children

3. Protecting our environment and natural resources

In your own words, why are you seeking elected office?

Leadership in Augusta is taking Maine and its citizens down the wrong path. Growing up in Maine, I knew that if I studied and worked hard, I could make a good life for myself. Today, that American dream is proving elusive for many, and more and more hardworking Mainers are struggling. We need economic development for secure good paying jobs; training for our friends and neighbors who lost their jobs in the recession; strong schools that educate and prepare all Maine children to be innovative and creative graduates who want to use their talents here to build a stronger Maine; and an affordable health care system that is accessible for all. In addition, when nearly 80 percent of the state Senate is men, we need to elect a woman with experience to remind Augusta to focus on the issues and values we care about. If elected, I will bring a proven track record of leadership, an ability to get things done and a depth of professional and community service experience to stand up for what’s right and tackle the tough issues. I am proud to have the support of Rep. Jane Eberle (District 123), former Sen. Larry Bliss (District 7) and U.S. Rep. Tom Allen. For more information about my background, please visit www.rebeccamillett.com. I would be honored to serve as District 7’s state senator.

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