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A Father’s Day Tribute

Dear Dad

This is the 2nd Father’s Day that I will spend without you and it has taken me all this past year since you passed away to be able to put my thoughts in a letter to you. I can still close my eyes and see you lying in your hospital bed right before you died and it feels like yesterday. The tears still come so fast, the sense of loss and the emptiness that is still in my heart over your dying and you leaving me. Pretty selfish of me to say, but expected! When it came to you dad, I was and am very selfish. It’s hard to explain but I will try in this Father’s Day letter to you.....

When I was a kid and Father’s Day would come around, I would try and think of something to buy you as a gift, something that you could wear, something that you could use, something that you would want. I don’t know if I ever achieved this with the clay shapes made at school of hands and who knows what, the multiple of ties in all different designs that I gave you, the number of shirts and hats that I bought or even those warm sweaters that you wore for over 30 years, some of which were still in your chest of drawers when you died last year!

Mom asked me what I wanted to take home with me after you died that was yours to try and make me feel not so empty but I only took a shirt that us kids had put our handprints on and given you so many years ago but only to make everyone else happy, because a year ago I didn’t think anything would make me feel better but it made everyone else feel like they were helping and I know you would have liked that!

Now its Father’s Day again, my 2nd one without you and I think that I have figured out the perfect gift to give you this year.....

You were the best Dad in the world!!....The best Dad that any daughter could have ever asked for.This includes all the times that I made mistakes and you never said,“ I told you so!”.... This includes all the times that you kissed and hugged me goodnight before I went to sleep.... This includes all the times that I was upset with you when I would ask for something and you would say no!....This includes when you tried to prepare me for when you would get old..... and when you tried to prepare me for when you would not be here anymore.

Dad, I am who I am because of you and I thank you for all the time that you spent teaching me how to be an honest and caring human being, a person with integrity and high morals and how to love unconditionally just like you, my Dad! This is my gift to you. Love, “Your Middle Child” Cindy Beth

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