2012-06-22 / Health & Medical

Do you know a high school or college student who just completed a challenging academic year?

Has your son or daughter made it through another year of school? Glad it’s over? Need some support over the summer to ensure they have a jump start on fall of 2012?

If you have concerns that the 2012/2013 school year may be a struggle or that your child may face setbacks as they gear up for college or the workplace, I may be able to help.

Together over the summer, I can provide the positive support necessary to prepare for them for the next chapter of their life, whether that be in academic life or the workplace.

There are a myriad of challenges that present from September to June that can adversely affect students. Stressors such as changes in peer group, disappointments in their athletic and extra-curricular activities, dating and relationship issues, peer pressure, substance experimentation, academic setbacks and various other mitigating concerns that adolescents and young adults need to cope with in an educational setting.

These presenting situations, with support and guidance can be reframed as opportunities for self-awareness, personal growth and maturity. Setbacks can contribute to future insight and valuable life experiences which can foster resiliency.

Now offering this summer, an opportunity to reflect on those challenges, re-frame and reaffirm ones goals to facilitate insight and hope for a successful 2012-2013 academic year and beyond.

For appointments call John Romprey L.C.S.W. at 985-5580ext #3, office locations in Arundel and Waterboro.

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