2012-06-22 / Health & Medical


Whether you have overdone summertime activities (gardening, sports, or outside household projects), are on a “staycation”, or have houseguests, you could use my services. With my orthopedic massage training, I look forward to helping people with muscular strains, ligament sprains and repetitive injuries. Think of me for plantar fasciitis, running injuries, hip and gluteal pain, tennis, golfer’s, and painter’s elbow tendonitis, rotator cuff tendonitis, prenatal discomfort, neck and low back pain. This is the time of year when people want to relax. If you are staying at home for the week,set up an appointment with me for a relaxing massage. If you have houseguests who would like a massage, I look forward to caring for them at a much lower cost compared to the local dayspa. If your guests are thinking about a hostess gift and ask you what you need, think of me as I sell gift certificates. Schedule to see me once that laundry is done from their visit! I, Leslie Girmscheid, MD, NCTMB, a retired physician who has over 10 years of massage therapy experience in addition to my medical background, but keep my fees competitive with other massage therapists. I am nationally certified and licensed to practice massage in Maine. For more information call 207- 272-6027 or email me at leslieg@maine.rr.com. Check out my website at www.takingcarewellness.com.

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