2012-06-29 / Community

Remember animals during hot weather

To the editor:

We would like to remind anyone with a dog to remember that during hot weather, leaving a dog in a parked car can be deadly. For an animal left inside a parked car (even with the windows down) temperatures can climb rapidly and turn a car into an oven in the matter of minutes, not hours.

The best course of action is, of course, to leave Fido at home, but if that is not an option, please follow these guidelines for ensuring the animals safety:

• Park in the shade

• Leave windows and sunroof open enough to allow ventilation, but not enough to allow the animal to escape or for someone to steal the animal.

• Use a windshield shade to block the sun.

• Leave water on the floor.

• Leave the A/C on, but remember if the engine dies, so may the dog.

• Check on the animal’s condition every 15 minutes.

Older and sick dogs may succumb to heat faster than a healthy dog. If you suspect that your dog is overheated, get it to a vet quickly. Ice or cold packs can be applied to bring down body temperature in the meantime. If you see a dog that may be in distress, say something – time is critical here.

Let’s make this a safe summer for our four-legged furry friends.

Don Kimball Cruelty investigator Peace and Justice for Animals South Portland

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