2012-07-13 / Letters

Thanks to city for ‘pleasurable’ experience

To the editor:

Thank you for your efforts to help me enjoy the long, beautiful hours of our Maine summer days. As a night worker, I would ordinarily laze around in bed until the sun was nearly high. Thanks to the constant clanging, crashing and beep beep beeping here in Knightville I’m up and about bright and early every day.

Likewise, thank you for discouraging me from wandering Ocean Street after sundown. As I pick my away across the dark and ever-changing sidewalk and street in front of my workplace, I think twice about walking up to Hannaford to pick up a few things or stopping at the Griffin Club to see which other brave neighbors have scuffled carefully out in search of company. It is so thoughtful of you to not provide emergency lighting in this situation. After all, plenty of our city’s neighborhoods are going without street lights these days; it wouldn’t be right for us to enjoy special privileges. Oh, but their streets and sidewalks are intact, aren’t they?

Today I counted up the months our neighborhood has enjoyed this turmoil: we’re only in the beginning of our fourth month. What a joy it is to realize we have at least four more months to go.

So thanks, South Portland. Thank you for caring about and listening to the people who live here in Knightville. I think you know where that is. It’s just a block away from city hall. I invite you to take a walk down here. Any time. Day or night. It’s always an adventure.

Jean Worthley South Portland

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