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Make the most of end-of-summer cleanup

Fall Home & Garden Guide

Though spring cleaning might have the name recognition, many homeowners spend just as much time cleaning their homes in the fall as they do in the spring. Spring might be the season for clearing out the clutter, but fall is when homeowners prepare their homes for the long winter months ahead.

E n dof summer cleaning is essential for homeowners who want to ensure their homes are not only cozy and comfortable, but healthy as well. The following are a few tips homeowners can employ to ensure their home is a welcoming and healthy respite from the winter cold.

* Clean seasonal items before storing them away. When summer has ended, homeowners must place all the items reminiscent of summer, including the grill, patio furniture and lawn and garden equipment, in storage. Spray Nine(R) Cleaner & Disinfectant can quickly remove a season’s worth of dirt and grease, ensuring those seasonal items are ready to go when spring makes its triumphant and long-awaited return.

* Get a head start on fighting the flu. Perhaps no winter foe is more formidable than the flu, which can find its way into a home, spreading rapidly among residents, especially if a home has not been adequately cleaned. Spray Nine Cleaner & Disinfectant kills viruses and bacteria in as little as 30 seconds, including the Influenza A2 Virus, Salmonella Choleraesuis, E. coli, and Staphylococcus aureus. Oftentimes, viruses such as the flu are spread when an infected resident touches an item in the home and then that item isn’t cleaned, enabling the virus or bacteria to spread to others. Spray Nine also makes a Spray Nine Lemon Scented Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Disinfectant, which can handle the same tough cleaning, disinfecting and stain removing task that Spray Nine is famous for, but also deodorizes with a pleasant lemon scent. * Clean out the garage. Cleaning the garage might seem like a project that’s tailor made for spring cleaning, but it’s actually more advantageous to clean the garage in the fall. A garage that’s clear of clutter can be used to safeguard a vehicle from those inevitable winter snowstorms while saving homeowners the hassle of digging their car out of all that ice and snow. What’s more, cleaning the garage at the end of summer creates more room for lawn chairs and other seasonal items that must be stored away before the arrival of winter.

* Address mold and mildew ahead of time. Winter can trap moisture inside a home, creating an environment that is ideal for the growth of mold and mildew. Mold spores can grow inside a home and compromise the health of a home’s residents, while mildew’s strong odor can make the indoors very unpleasant. As summer ends, homeowners can use Spray NineCleaner&Disinfectant to kill the fungus that creates mold and mildew. The product also has a “fungicidal mildewstat” formulation, which helps prevent regrowth of mold and ensures the home is odor-free in the months ahead. Homeowners can use it to treat garbage cans, basements and rooms where pets spend ample time to ensure that the odor doesn’t overtake the home when the windows are closed for the season.

* Don’t forget the fireplace. While fireplaces are largely ignored during the summer months, there’s nothing quite like gathering around the fireplace with family and friends once winter weather has arrived. But before burning the season’s first fire, be sure to remove any potential safety hazards that might have accumulated near the fireplace, such as old newspapers or magazines, during those months when the fireplace was not in use. Clean the inside of the fireplace as well, making sure to remove any ash, carbon deposits, creosote build-up, dust, smoke residue, and soot before using the fireplace. Spray Nine Fireplace Cleaner can effectively clean a fireplace within minutes and won’t require any scrubbing or expose homeowners to any harmful fumes or caustic chemicals.

More information is available at www.spraynine.com.

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