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Receive care on your schedule at Advantage Chiropractic

Expert care and a concern for the patient’s time offered

DR. MARK ALLEN of Advantage Chiropractic DR. MARK ALLEN of Advantage Chiropractic Dr. Mark Allen offers complete pain relief and wellness care for the entire family. Advantage Chiropractic is easy to find on Broadway and has plenty of parking.

Dr. Allen has a walk in policy. This flexible schedule plan allows patients to come in anytime during business hours on the days of their appointments.

“Convenience is what sets us apart,” he says with an easy smile. “We have everything here to take care of you. I thoroughly examine patients, take x-rays if necessary, and then talk with you about the different options available. If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll make the necessary referral to the correct specialist who can.”

Dr. Allen’s easy, confident manner is backed by a strong foundation of knowledge. After doing his undergraduate work at Michigan State University, Dr. Allen received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Life University in Georgia. He then worked with other doctors of chiropractic for five years before deciding to open his own practice. He opened Advantage Chiropractic in 2003.

Dr. Allen, his wife Laura and their 2 children, love the Portland area. “Portland has everything we were looking for when deciding where to live and raise a family.”

Patients come in because they have problem — it could be a back ache or neck pain or ear infections for a child. He performs his examinations, does any necessary tests, and makes an appointment for the next visit to go over the results of the testing.

“Many people are new to chiropractic or may have questions,” Dr. Allen says, “so I spend time explaining what it is I do and how the treatment will help them. Chiropractic deals with the nervous system, therefore there are often benefits above and beyond pain relief.” Dr. Allen treats all ages and has techniques to accomodate patients at all stages of life. “Once out of pain, patients have the option to continue with treatments for preventative care. This helps them become more resistant to future problems.”

Dr. Allen’s office has a number of charts and diagrams so that he can help explain how the treatments enable the body to heal itself. After the initial consultation, treatments usually only take 10 to 15 minutes. You’ll feel better before you know it.

To find out more, call Dr. Allen at 699-2226 or stop by his office at 894 Broadway in South Portland. He offers free consultations and, beyond that, most insurances cover care in his office.

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