2012-10-12 / Letters

Councilor speaks for others who are less able

To the editor:

I have known Rosemarie De Angelis for more than 20 years. She has been my teacher, my friend and now my city councilor. In all situations, there is one thing that remains constant about her, and that is her voice. Rosemarie speaks not just her own opinion, but has been the voice for others who are less able, less likely or less comfortable to speak. She is not afraid to put forth a view that some may not want to hear, but if she believes it must be said, she will say it. Her work with immigrants and refugees exemplifies that model. Her commitment to this city and its residents is without personal interest, but rather in the interest of the well being of those she serves.

I urge you to support her re-election. Vote De Angelis on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Mary Robbins

South Portland

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