2012-10-12 / Letters

Let’s be human about the issue of nuisance house

To the editor:

Here in THIS century (Sentry) there is still hate mail. Before people became consumed with consuming, and rushing through life’s lessons of humanity, there was a phrase “Love thy neighbor.” Why would any human send hate mail in regards to a messy yard.

I’m sure the owners don’t want a messy yard upsetting people. Until you walk in another’s shoes, who has the right to judge? Maybe a little love, compassion, work gloves and a trash bag coming together as neighbors to help one another. We the people need to come together to help one another. There is a bigger lesson here, communities are made for teamwork. I suggest using this paper as a vehicle to help people help one another.

If I had read these people were in need I’d be happy to spare an hour or two (and bring my kids to teach them how we all need each other and the joy that comes from helping your fellow man). Next time there is a “nuisance” house send out a request for some kindness and compassion and we can work to grow together as a thriving community.

With love, your neighbor and fellow human,

Jessica Jane Yandell

South Portland

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