2012-10-12 / Letters

Mayor supports re-election of councilor

To the editor:

I have been asked “Are you supporting Councilor Rosemarie De Angelis for reelection?” The short answer is – yes.

During the past three years, including her service as mayor in 2011, Councilor De Angelis has been a strong voice and devoted councilor who thoughtfully does her homework and takes her position as a public servant to heart.

Councilor De Angelis has the hands-on experience to ask meaningful questions, recall previous actions and reference multiyear projects. By re-electing Councilor De Angelis you help to support the continuity of city actions and initiatives and ensure the experienced oversight of our annual city/school budgets. Some degree of stability among our seven-member council is needed to maintain continuity, which in turn, increases the probability that investment in community programs actually happens. Councilor De Angelis’s intimate knowledge of our city’s budget and departmental programs translates into a thoughtful approach when appropriating funds.

With the exit of Councilor Maxine Beecher (due to term limits) and the likely exit of Councilor Tom Coward (to county government) the re-election of Councilor De Angelis takes on significant meaning. If you feel that your city has been making positive steps forward and your neighborhood and city is overall, a place of pride, I ask that you vote to re-elect Councilor De Angelis and help to maintain this momentum.

Patti Smith

Mayor of South Portland

City Councilor- District 2

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