2012-10-19 / Letters

Elect new councilor

To the editor:

This year I am grateful to have the option to choose our city councilor. In the past there have been unchallenged councilors leaving us with no choice. I will be voting for Melissa Linscott.

I have found her to be an informed South Portland business owner who has been involved for several years in the business community and now is serving on the South Portland School Strategic Committee to explore new ideas in education for the coming years.

Her biggest concern is South Portland’s taxes. We need someone like Melissa to use her business sense and track where our taxes are being spent, as well as someone who will welcome new businesses to our community, thereby creating more revenue and helping reduce residential homeowners’ tax burden.

After doing your own research I hope you will join me and vote for Melissa Linscott. Remember, in South Portland, all people vote for all candidiates, not just the district they live in.

Kay Loring

South Portland

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