2012-10-26 / Letters

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Please support Kenneth “Jake” Myrick for House District Seat 123. I am a mom with 10-year-old twin boys who attend the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Years ago at a youth event, my husband and I heard of community activist Jake Myrick. Native born and raised, Myrick is a decorated veteran, proud father of three and current athletic director at the Portland club. Myrick organizes an annual holiday dinner for the elderly, defends veterans’ causes, serves on many committees and is a faithful champion and advocate for our youth.

Myrick came from a abusive troubled family. He clearly chose a different path in life. Jake Myrick surprised many with his dedication and determination to better himself and become the success he is today.

Send a compassionate, proven leader to be our voice in Augusta. Vote for the best qualified candidate. Vote for one of our own. Please vote Myrick.

Pamela J. Ruzzo

South Portland

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