2012-10-26 / Letters

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

I am a values-voter. The party or person are not as important to me as the policies they espouse. It just so happens that those I am voting for in this election are all Democrats.

This is simply due to the clear choice I have been given in regards to candidates’ stands on issues that matter to me and my family: access to affordable health care, strengthening our education system and helping make college affordable to those interested, supporting small business and preserving the middle class, protecting our environment and natural resources, supporting women’s health care choices and removing salary inequities, and promoting diversity and equality for all families regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. I believe in the President Obama ad that says let’s continue moving “forward”… let’s not go back. Together we can keep South Portland moving forward.

With that said, I am casting my votes for the following and ask that you consider joining me on Tuesday, Nov. 6:

Chellie Pingree – U.S. House; Cynthia Dill – U.S. Senate; Rebecca Millett – Maine Senate; Terry Morrison –House; Scott Hamann –House; Bryan Kaenrath –House; Rosemarie DeAngelis – city council; and Tom Coward – county commission.

David Jacobs

South Portland

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