2012-10-26 / Letters

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Rebecca Millett’s candidacy for Senate District 7.

We need her dedicated and capable leadership in Augusta. Rebecca will fight for and represent the people of District 7 and Maine. Based on her professional background and community service, Rebecca Millett knows how to negotiate, advocate and work for effective results that will best serve our state and our community. Rebecca’s encompassing background of working in a financial acquisitions arena, executive community leadership and international footprint within community reinvestment has provided her with a unique skill set that will provide leadership, vision and the ability to achieve results.

Rebecca is committed to the right economic development that will lead to securing more jobs that will provide livable wages to Mainers. She has been and will continue to be an advocate and a driving force in fighting for fair public school funding. She will be a leader in pursuing alternative energy sources while safeguarding our state’s valued and vital natural resources and environment. A vote for Rebecca on Tuesday, Nov. 6 will be a vote to put Maine back on the right track. Let’s take the next step to helping the direction of our state by joining me in voting for Rebecca Millett.

John Jamieson

South Portland

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