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Election 2012

Three vie for split District 123 seat

District 123 of the Maine Legislature is almost equally split among the city of South Portland and the town of Cape Elizabeth. Rep. Jane Eberle’s fourth and final term expires at the end of 2012, so three new candidates are looking to fill her seat. Independent Roger Bishop is the only Cape Elizabeth resident on the ballot. He is opposed by two candidates from South Portland, Democrat Scott Hamann and Republican Jake Myrick.

Roger Bishop

Age: 64

Occupation: Human resources consultant, owner and principle consultant for the past four years; Fairchild Semiconductor, vice president human resources – global operations, nine years; Intersil & Harris Corporation, senior manager human resources operations, 12 years; RCA/ General Electric Corporation, various management positions, 13 years; RCA/Sharp Microelectronics Inc., manager compensation and benefits, two years

Marital status: Married for 39 years

Children/family: Two adult children, two grandchildren

Highest level of education completed: Graduate school, master’s degree

Name and location of school or university attended: University of Scranton M.S. human resources administration, Scranton, Pa.; Ferris State University B.S. advertising, Big Rapids, Mich.; Davenport College of Business A.S. business administration, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Organizations and activities: Cape Elizabeth Personnel Appeals Board; Little League Umpire (2010 and 2011 Softball Umpire of the Year); Cape Elizabeth Community Garden Committee; board of directors for The Great Valley Technology Alliance; advisor to Northeastern Pennsylvania Economic Development Council regional task force of university presidents; co-chairman and member of the board, Northeastern Pennsylvania Labor Management Council; adjunct faculty, University of Scranton and Kings College

Top three issues (in order of priority)

Political gridlock. The overwhelming number of citizens I have met consider this the most frustrating issue. They consider it unacceptable and, as such, are looking for alternatives. In many cases they feel political leadership has failed them.

Economic growth and increased revenue necessary to support infrastructure and education.

Education: quality, affordability, accessibility

Why are you running for elected office?

I am running for public office for the first time due to my concern over extreme partisanship. As a result of this behavior, responsibilities that we entrust to our Legislature have become fodder for stalemate. I am running as an Independent so that I have the freedom to represent District 123 without political party intervention. I also believe that after 40 years of business experience I have developed skill sets that can be utilized in state government, among them are economic development, labor relations and facilitation.

Scott Hamann

Age: 31 Occupation: Video producer Marital status: Unmarried Children/family: I’m a foster parent of two boys – 4 years old, and 6 months old – along with my girlfriend, Charlotte.

Highest Level of education completed: Bachelor’s in media and theater arts from Montana State University – Bozeman

Name and location of school or university last attended: Enrolled at the University of Southern Maine pursuing my MBA. Top three issues: (in order of priority) 1. Invest in education 2. Job growth and economic development 3. Ensure access to health care

Why are you seeking elected office?

I’m running because I want to be sure the voices of workers, students, children and low-income citizens aren’t drowned out by lobbyists and special interests in Augusta. Every Mainer deserves the same right to high-quality education, a clean environment, access to health care and the freedom to marry whomever they choose. I want to strengthen Maine’s economy by attracting and supporting small businesses, fostering opportunities for our children and protecting workers’ rights while working toward a solution to close the inequality gap. A strong and robust state economy requires good job opportunities with fair wages for all workers.

Kenneth E. Myrick (Jake)

Age: 38

Occupation: Athletic director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maine (Portland)

Marital status: Engaged

Children/family: Conrad Kruger, 11, Mya Myrick, 6, Blake Myrick, born Sept. 24

Highest level of education completed: Some college

Name and location of school or university last attended: University of Phoenix

Organizations and activities: Amvets, VFW, Eagles Club, Freemason, chairman of South Portland Republican Committee, Boys & Girls Club of Southern Maine Alumni Association and South Portland Service Monument Committee. Top three issues: (in order of priority)

1. I believe the most paramount issue facing our state is the unwillingness of legislators to work together for the people. Partisan politics is a cancer that is poisoning and crippling our great state. This senseless gridlock is holding Maine back from great prosperity. In a state with such great potential, our families and communities should not be suffering from the lack of results coming out of Augusta.

2. We need to create a positive environment and a streamlined process that attracts new businesses to Maine. It is also critical that we all support our existing businesses so they will grow and create new, better-paying jobs. This will quickly decrease the tax burden placed upon our residents and stimulate economic growth throughout the state.

3. We must promote legislation that effectively addresses children’s health issues. Our most troubling concerns are general education, childhood obesity, dental hygiene, emotional abuse and physical neglect. We must all support efficient community programs and nonprofit youth organizations. In addition to doing this it would allow our local schools to develop and maintain the much-needed cost of effective sports and fitness programs for our children.

Why are you seeking elected office?

I’m seeking office to improve our state for our children. Maine legislators have become increasingly divided and unwilling to work together. This unwillingness creates a negative environment that has caused Maine to suffer economically and socially. If elected, I intend to go to Augusta and lead by example by working together with legislators from all parties to create and implement legislation that puts Maine and Mainers before party politics. Changing the current atmosphere in the State House will not only positively affect Maine today and tomorrow, but will inspire our children to work together for years to come.

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