2012-11-02 / Letters

Incumbent is fair and open

To the editor:

I support the re-election campaign of candidate Kim Monaghan-Derrig to House seat 121 in Cape Elizabeth. I am an environmental voter. I support the protection of our land and other natural resources. I support broad public access and enjoyment of our lands and waterways. We are blessed to live in a state filled with such natural beauty. I feel that our natural heritage has been under attack or the past two years. The recent assault on Maine’s environment has been the worst that I have seen in 30 years. During the last legislative session I contacted Rep. Monaghan-Derrig several times regarding anti-environmental legislation. She listened carefully and responded thoughtfully. She always “did her homework” before she got back to me. She was fair and open minded. She listened to different perspectives. She was a strong supporter of Maine’s environment, but she also reached across party lines to seek reasonable solutions. She has earned both my respect and my vote.

Ed Saxby
Cape Elizabeth

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