2012-11-30 / Letters

Residents in South Portland spoke

To the editor:

I voted for Melissa Linscott, as I presume most voters did, because I believed she would be a better representative of the broad interests of my district. Ms. (Rosemarie) De Angelis’ views, as expressed in the Sentry (Councilor alleges recruitment, page 1, Nov. 23), strengthen my convictions.

That Ms. De Angelis would see her loss as anything other than the voters’ decision, citing all sorts of claims that people on the council were against her, is proof that she is not someone to remain an elected official. It appears to me that when someone disagrees with her, there is wrongdoing, but her “voice that questions” is somehow above reproach.

Does she not see that the very fact that it has been decades since the mayoral appointment was not unanimous just might have something to do with her and her abilities? The voters decided, based on the merits, but Ms. De Angelis ignores this fact. This behavior mirrors some losers in other, bigger elections but is no less reprehensible or disingenuous.

Nicole Wolf Gilbert

South Portland

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