2012-12-07 / Community

Schools evacuated after message found

CAPE ELIZABETH – Students at Cape Elizabeth’s Middle School and Pond Cove Elementary School were evacuated Thursday morning, Nov. 29 after school officials were alerted that there was a threatening message written on a bathroom wall in the elementary school.

The two buildings are conjoined, so all of the 1,111 students evacuated their classrooms for about 20 minutes, according to Superintendent Meredith Nadeau.

Police responded to the schools, and after the students were outside, a sweep of the building found “no credible threat,” Nadeau said.

“It was brief, orderly and as calm as you could wish for,” Nadeau said.

A notice was sent to parents that afternoon through email. Nadeau said many parents had questions about emergency management procedures – the school conducts regular emergency drills – but parents “appreciated the information” that was sent home.

Nadeau declined to give further details about the message written on the elementary school wall.

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