2012-12-07 / Letters

L.L. Bean is mean

To the editor:

L.L. Bean catalogs are arriving in the mail full of pictures of smiling kids and happy families celebrating the holidays. There is however, a dark side to this company that promotes itself as being wholesome and traditional.

L.L. Bean is engaged in China in the henious production of fur hats. Thousands of innocent rabbits are slaughtered to provide fur for men’s hats that L.L. Bean already sells to women with faux fur. Do they think men don’t care about the cruelty involved with skinning animals (sometimes still alive) for their fur? Well, I can’t speak for all men, but I think most of us who have a cat, dog or rabbit as a pet would not want to see them end up as a hat on someone’s head. In fact, L.L. Bean can’t even prove the fur is truly rabbit. An undercover Humane Society operation several years ago documented that German shepherds and other dogs and cats were raised in terrible conditions in China just for their fur.

Animal rights groups around the country such as In Defense of Animals have taken notice of L.L. Bean’s terrible judgement in selling fur products and are considering a national boycott.

Please contact L.L. Bean and ask them to stop supporting the fur trade. In this day and age there is no excuse for being in the business of this butchery.

Don Kimball
Peace and Justice for Animals
Cruelty investigator
South Portland

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