2013-02-01 / Business Review

Infinity Federal Credit Union

Infinity Federal Credit Union, formerly TELCO of New England FCU, was chartered in 1921 and has operated continuously since then as the oldest credit union in Maine. Originally chartered to serve the needs of telephone company employees, the credit union now serves individuals who live, work, worship or attend school in Cumberland and York counties, and the City of Bangor, Maine. Your Money Credit unions are cooperatives, and members deposit money and pool their resources so they can borrowmoney when they need it. And because it’s your money, credit union members enjoy low-interest loans, competitive rates on savings and investments, and affordable service fees. Your Choice Members choose to be part of a credit union, and they have a voice in how the credit union is operated. Having the choice to do business with a credit union creates the kind of healthy competition that benefits every consumer. Your Credit Union Non-profit credit unions are owned by their members and exist to serve you. Infinity Federal Credit Union offers a cost-conscious, serviceoriented alternative to forprofit financial institutions. And members - not stockholders or investors - benefit from the financial success of their credit union.

Since its inception, Infinity’s primary mission has been to serve the financial needs of its members, and this continues to be the primary driving force behind the credit union today. By effectively serving its members through the years, Infinity has built a reputation for quality and dependability that has served it well.

Infinity is also proud of its reputation of often having been the first to make use of advances in technology – the first credit union in Maine to offer a debit card program, and the first to have a Web presence. Through its automated service platform, Infinity is pleased to be able to serve its members by the use of technology – for example, debit cards, online banking and bill pay, mobile and text banking, telephone banking, and estatements, just to name a few.

Individuals qualify for membership at Infinity Federal Credit Union if they live, work, worship or attend school in Cumberland and York counties, or the City of Bangor, Maine, or if they are an immediate family or household member of an Infinity member. If you qualify,youandyourfamily or household members may join Infinity.

Infinity members retain their membership by maintaining $25 in a Regular Share (savings) Account. That $25 initial deposit is their “share” of ownership in the credit union. Once an individual is a member, they can take advantage of our full array of quality financial services. Infinity currently serves its members from five locations in Arundel, Bangor, Kennebunk, Portland, and Westbrook, Maine.

For more information, visit www.infinityfcu.com or call (207) 854-6000.

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