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A Window on the Past

The Jetport Plaza in 1981
By Kathryn DiPhilippo
South Portland Historical Society

The Jetport Plaza was home to Marshall’s and Heartland Food Warehouse. (Courtesy photo) The Jetport Plaza was home to Marshall’s and Heartland Food Warehouse. (Courtesy photo) In this photo from the Peter and Paul Jeffery collection at South Portland Historical Society, we get a glimpse of the Jetport Plaza and its tenants, Marshall’s and Heartland Food Warehouse in 1981.

While I remember these stores on Western Avenue near the airport (where Staples and Burlington Coat Factory are now located), I couldn’t come close to remembering the details that some of our Facebook followers did. The only thing I remembered was that you had to bag your own groceries at Heartland and, as a kid, I thought that was pretty great. Christina Page Hobbs commented, “Heartland was the original wholesale club/bulk grocer. My mother was a manager for Maine Savings; she would come to Portland once a month from Waterville and, after her manager’s meeting, would go to Heartland with a cooler and stock us up.”

We also heard from Kerry Ouellett who remembered “wandering through that store really late at night, and also that their food just said, for instance, BEANS. Now we’re used to what we’d call store brand items, but back then it was just BEANS and it seemed weird to me.”

Danny Page followed up on that memory with, “No name brands – white can – black label – barcode. Simple and cheap. I think they even had no name BEER.”

Thank you to Christina, Kerry, Danny and everyone else who have shared their memories with us. If you have photographs of people or places of South Portland’s past, please contact the South Portland Historical Society at 55 Bug Light Park, South Portland, ME 04106, or at 767-7299.

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