2013-02-01 / Community


Marc R Mutty, Publicity coordinator, South Portland-Cape Elizabeth Rotary Club, January 29, 2013. After a successful fundraising effort and many months of manual labor Rotarians were pleased to see the fruit of their labors find its home on the bank of the Mill Creek Park pond. Dedicated this past fall the structure was not moved to the pond location until this past week. According to South Portland Parks and Recreation personnel they chose to wait until the pond’s ice surface was sufficiently thick to accommodate skaters. “It was gratifying to see young people begin to use the facility to tie their skates and seek shelter from the elements within moments of the structure’s placement.” Said Tony Wagner, an active member of the club and a moving force behind the project from conception to completion.

The skating shelter at Milk Creek pond was a commitment made by the club to the residents of South Portland as a way of commemorating 50 years of Rotary service to the community. A significant gift was also made to neighboring Cape Elizabeth as well. This project is only one of many undertaken by the club in these two communities over those 50 years. The club holds true to its motto “service above self”. MIDDLE PHOTO, from left to right……Tony Wagner, John LoBosco, Bob Carson (all active members of the SPCE Rotary)

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