2013-02-22 / Health & Medical

Prevention Education Key to Avoiding Influenza at Local Nursing Home

As the seasonal influenza virus reaches epidemic proportions in Maine, Holbrook Health Center at Piper Shores maintains no confirmed cases of the flu. Nursing homes and skilled nursing centers like Holbrook are required to report confirmed cases of influenza to the State of Maine Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Likewise, hospitals like Maine Medical Center are not allowed to discharge elderly patients to nursing homes with active cases of influenza.

Resident prevention education, all private rooms, and readily available flu vaccines appear to be the key to keeping residents and staff healthy.

“A number of nursing facilities in Maine have experienced closures due to widespread influenza,” said Peggy Farrington, Piper Shores Administrator in charge of Holbrook Health Center. “We take the flu very seriously at Holbrook and Piper Shores, and we are thrilled that so far this year our efforts have really paid off.”

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