2013-03-08 / Front Page

Gorham Man Arrested Near Maine Mall for Fourth OUI since 2011

By Jack Flagler
Staff Writer

A man from Gorham who has been convicted of operating under the influence three times and had his license suspended seven times was arrested again after he was pulled over near the Maine Mall.

Bradford Lacy, 41, was stopped on Philbrook Avenue in South Portland just after midnight on Saturday morning, March 9. Lacy was arrested on two felony charges for OUI and operating with a revoked license, habitual offender. He was also charged with violating conditions of release and booked on outstanding warrants from the Portland Police Department for assault and aggravated assault.


Lacy's OUI convictions have all come since 2011. In addition to those offenses, his driving history also includes a 2012 conviction for operating with a suspended license. South Portland police said Lacy was not eligible to seek license reinstatement until July 2018.


“All that, and he was still driving on our city’s streets,” said Lt. Frank Clark in a release.


After the arrest, South Portland police took Lacy’s 2007 Volkswagon Jetta, and are seeking to turn it over to the state. According to police, both the prosecution and the forfeiture have been referred to the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office for review.


Clark said South Portland police are also hoping to make it easier to catch habitual traffic offenders in the future.


Police have asked the Maine Secretary of State’s office to provide a list of suspended drivers to the department, in order for officers to easily recognize plate numbers using devices called Automated License Plate Readers. Clark said the devices “use camera and computer technology to help officers efficiently and effectively compare license plates on the roadways to lists of known plates of interest.”


“This case highlights the importance of having ready access to such information,” Clark said.

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