2013-03-15 / Letters

‘Advisor’ not knowledgable

To the editor:

After reading the March 8 edition of The Sentry, I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to me that our elected officials have such difficulty choosing a “blue ribbon committee” responsible to represent the city in regards to the issue of councilor health care insurance.

I see several red flags here: the independent advisor is unaware of how the city maps our districts and doesn’t seem to understand the importance of comprehensive representation; the initial selections include former political staff of the city (talk about injecting politics in the process, Mr. Jalbert); and the “concerned taxpayer” selected is a person that was in a clear minority during the South Portland High School bond issue (really? He is in a position to represent the majority of taxpayers?). This is the best that this “consultant” can do?

City councilors, if you want clear representation from your constituents, please start over again by hiring a consultant that has a full understanding of what accurate representation looks like. Please, at least get the committee selection right – is that really that hard to do?

Chris Kelley South Portland

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