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Together with Opportunities for Hope, Growth, and Empowerment

Conveniently located in Post Road Center, Kennebunk, (across from the Department of Motor Vehicles) Melinda Josiah Geaumont, LCSW and Associates ~ Psychotherapy & Counseling offers opportunities for hope, growth, and empowerment through individual psychotherapy, life coaching, couples counseling and family therapy.

Melinda Josiah Geaumont, LCSW counsels adults using mindfulness based cognitive therapies. Giventhemanyunexpected challenges life can hand us, it is easy to lose hope or feel overwhelmed. You are not alone. By exploring the importance of being present with your feelings, challenging patterns in life that no longer serve you, shifting perceptions and identifying strengths, Melinda can help you create the sense of balance and inner peace that you strive for. Find hope in the present moment. FMI call (207) 651-8703.

Jody Jansen, LCSW counsels adults through a journey of selfdiscovery. I am grateful to the individual who chooses to explore withmetheanswerstheymayalready hold. The process of bringing concerns to the room and taking the time to look, study and explore individual needs and strengths begins the journey to self acceptance. I believe in aconnectionbetweenmindandbody. Purposeful living in our everyday life to keep a healthy balance. Promotion of individuals needs through mindful and intentional living is the focus of individual growth. FMI call (207) 251-9118.

Nannette Nero Zuke, LMFT counsels adults and couples with an integrative approach including EMDR. “You can grow strong personally and in relationships. We want to be happy and we are much of the time as ordinary events pass through us without a mark. Then something happens and we’re stuck not living our full potential. You want things to change. I can help you move forward, living your life in a more fulfilling and meaningful way; individually and in loving relationships.” FMI call (207) 985-5580.

John Romprey LCSW provides counseling, life coaching and support services to adolescents and adult males. His approach to working with individuals whose challenges pertain to stress & anger management, anxiety, depression, life transitions and substance misuse is a cognitive process that focuses on finding solutions. He provides support to help find clarity, define & attain goals that contributes to improving one’s life balance, in regards to the unexpected changes and mitigating issues that can occur involving their job, school, career aspirations, relationships and other personal concerns. He also has an office location in Waterboro. FMI -207-229-1654

Kathleen Regan, LCSW counsels adults and families, facilitating a processofself-acceptance, identifying what truly matters and setting realistic goals. Kathy shares, “We all go through periods in our lives when we feel lost, conflicted, stuck or simply in pain. These moments can lead to a cycle of judgment, blame and selfdoubt. My therapeutic approach aims to help you break that cycle and embrace each day as an opportunity for growth and change. I believe we can all find ways to struggle less, live more in the present, and ultimately find a sense of peace. I strive to create a comfortable and safe environment in which my clients can discover their true potential.” FMI call (207) 710- 3350.

Our five experienced clinicians specialize in a variety of therapies. We work with many insurance carriers including Medicare and MaineCare. Sliding scale fees are available for those with need and upon request.

Melinda Josiah Geaumont,

LCSW and Associates 62 Portland Road, Post Road

Center, Suite 6

Kennebunk, Maine 04043

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