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Loved lunch lady to be honored at Kaler School

Sue Everett was a well-known employee of the South Portland Public Schools and began her career in fall 1987 as a lunch aide at Kaler School. She worked continually at Kaler School, with the exception of the year it was closed for renovations, when she was assigned to Small School. In September 1997, she took over the fl edgling breakfast program at Kaler and built it to the successful program it is today. That year she became the “lunch lady” at Kaler School, a position she held until her death last July.

To honor Everett, the Kaler community is building an outdoor eating area in her memory. Donations are being collected through a number of fundraisers. Recently, Willow’s Pizza held a successful fundraiser, additionally, donation jars are located at JP Thornton’s and the VFW in South Portland. The Kaler PTA is accepting mailed donations or online donations maybe made at http:// www.causes.com/actions/1741583-sue-everett-outdoor- eating-area-memorial?recruiter_id=51760667&utm_ campaign=sharebar&utm_medium=email&utm_ source=causes.

Construction of the eating area will begin on Saturday, April 27. The project will be completed as part of the Kaler Community School’s annual Greening Day. Volunteers are welcomed to participate and share in the memories.

Everett shared a very tiny space with the gym, art and music classes, which meant that she had to move her salad bar, milk cooler and steam table into the hall after breakfast and move it back before lunch and out again after lunch, which she did without complaint. Everett opened the kitchen at the new and renovated Kaler and was the fi rst and only cook at Kaler until her death. Everett believed in life long learning and attended as many educational sessions as were available to her, both in the district and around the state. One of the high points in her career was the summer that she was able to attend the National Conference of the School Nutrition Association in Baltimore, Md., and shared experiences with more 5,000 other “lunch ladies” from around the United States. Everett also started a mentoring program for Kaler School students who might be interested in a career in food service and allowed them to assist her in the kitchen. She was always willing to share her vast knowledge with others. The students of Kaler School and the South Portland School District were her highest priority and she thoroughly enjoyed watching and helping them learn and grow.

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