2013-05-03 / Letters

Melting snow brings discarded butts

To the editor:

The snow has melted and left behind something really disgusting. Thousands and thousands of cigarette butts.

Why is it that a person who would not normally throw trash out the window of their car find it to be perfectly alright to throw that cigarette butt out? They are bad for the environment in so many ways. Pollution, birds, fish, turtles and visually nasty. If you are a smoker I really don’t care, but please be responsible and keep your trash in your car until you find a trash can. Same goes when you are walking across a parking lot. Most businesses have butt buckets, please use them as well. All any of us needs to do is look within 30 feet of one of those buckets and you can tell some people just don’t care.

Gary Crosby South Portland

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