2013-05-10 / Letters

Don’t sell alcohol at park event

To the editor:

Say no to the sale and consumption of alcohol in our parks, beaches and recreation areas.

Please tell the South Portland City Council to vote no for an ordinance change that would allow alcohol to be sold and consumed on our public places such as parks, beaches and fields. We have 84 businesses in South Portland where those 21 or older can buy alcohol. As the crow flies, South Portland is only 5 miles long. Surely we don’t need to sell and drink beer at a Bug Light family festival also. Please don’t think profit. Think children.

At the council workshop when Linda Cohen started her speech on the ordinance change position she asked, “What is the message we are sending to the children?” Then she moved to the opposite pole and said something like, “Portland does it.” My daughter talked to me and then I could see the other side. Well, Portland does a lot of things different, but we are not Portland. Their alcohol sales have not fixed their debts and it won’t ours either. Something else we should consider is graduation.

Right now high school graduation looms before us and the fright of our teens using alcohol as a means to celebrate hangs heavy. Teens, cars and alcohol don’t add up to fun things. Folks are working hard to make kids understand that you can have a good time without alcohol. Let us remember, that kids learn from the grown ups. Let’s have fun and keep our recreation areas safe and alcohol free. What is the message we are sending?

Maxine Beecher South Portland

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