2013-05-24 / Letters

Say no to beer in Bug Light Park

To the editor:

Bug Light did not just happen. Nor did the city of South Portland hand over the money to purchase and build it. It was a group who legally formed – concerned citizens of South Portland – an all-volunteer group of residents who purchased the land for $2.5 million from philanthropist Al Glickman of Cape Elizabeth. Years ago he had given the lighthouse itself to South Portland, which is now the city’s logo.

There is now a group before the council to change the existing ordinance to allow alcohol in the park for a family festival in August. Family and alcohol do not blend well together. The concerned citizens never dreamed our park would be turned into a beer garden.

Several people have committed funds to purchase a private granite memorial with money going for the upkeep of parks in remembrance of family members and to honor our young South Portland heroes who lost their lives in Iraq. You will see these people sitting in the park remembering another time that was safer and quieter in the world than it is today. Let’s keep our park that way for the future generations and tell our councilors to vote no for any change to the park rules and our ordinance.

Kay Loring
South Portland

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