2013-05-24 / Letters

Thanks for support

To the editor:

Each year during March, employees of the South Portland Macy’s conduct a “Bag Hunger” campaign, and generously donate proceeds to the South Portland Food Cupboard. The food donations and monetary donation increase each year, and this year was an outstanding one. We received 10 banana boxes full of needed food items and $ 3,348, including matching funds by Macy’s corporate.

For us, as we see the increase in number of families coming to us for food, and our food costs rising well over $1,000 a week, this is a gift. To have these men and women raise these funds among themselves while they work their regular jobs, is above and beyond. So, please help us – the next time you are in Macy’s thank the salesperson, they will be delighted that you did.

Food insecurity seems to be increasing. In checking our statistics we see that more than 25 percent of the individuals receiving food from us are younger than 12 years old. When children accompany their parents on a Thursday morning, we do have animal crackers, healthy soft drinks or chocolate milk, books and coloring books and crayons to keep them busy while they wait. Our clients have a variety of nutritious foods to choose from such as, milk, frozen juice, cereal, eggs, meat, fruit, fresh vegetables and much more. Receiving donations such as Macy’s employees’ yearly Bag Hunger campaign only enables us to continue to be of help to those who come to us. Thank you one and all.

Sybil Riemensnider, director
South Portland Food Cupboard

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