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Pet of the Week

Billy G., remembered

William (Billy) Gwendolyn Engel, adopted Feb. 3, 2005, left us on May 18, 2013, approximately 10 years old. He was taken from me way too young by a brain tumor.

He was an amazing dog who truly lived life to the fullest. Whether it be a game of dragonfly chase in the yard (yes, he caught one once, but quickly let it go when its wings tickled his lips) or an impromptu swim at Hinkley Park – that frightened her so much she actually swam out to get him. He was always all about the fun and fascination called life.

He was a kind host to the foster dogs that came and went, sharing his bones and toys. People would stop and watch him as he out ran all the other dogs on the beach, often times throwing in a few major gazelle leaps, just because he could. He was pure poetry in motion. When all that lay ahead of him was wide-open space and he was free to be the one and only dog with wings.

On May 18 he earned his wings. A friend once said, “We take their pain and make it our own.” The last gift I could give him – the most important one in the end. I am glad to take this pain, because of all, the joy he gave me and others. Our dogs lives are far too short and those who are still reading know this all too well.

So I just want to shout out a big hiphip hooray for the life of my friend Billy, a very good dog who is dearly missed.

– Elizabeth Engel

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