2013-05-31 / Letters

Why does beer garden have to be controversial?

To the editor:

I am excited about the possible opportunity of a Sea Dog beer garden at Bug Light. It’s a beautiful scenic environment to enjoy a couple of beers with friends.

After spending time in other countries and even parts of other states where moderate alcohol consumption is an accepted part of the culture, I find it frustrating and disappointing that my home state clings to such extremist puritanical ideas about the subject. I don’t understand why, if one wants to relax with a drink outdoors in this beautiful state of ours, it can only be done in one’s own backyard or on the sly.

Maine has a growing prolific craft beer culture that we should celebrate. Greater visibility would help promote this to the public and visitors from away.

I don’t understand why serving alcohol and being a family event need to be mutually exclusive. Don’t most family restaurants allow you a wine with dinner? If a parent is afraid of their children’s exposure to people enjoying themselves, they could always choose to stay out of the beer garden.

Dan Bennett
South Portland

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