2013-06-07 / Letters

Selling alcohol sets bad example

To the editor:

I urge the city council to keep in force the long- standing ordinance prohibiting alcoholic beverages at city parks, beaches and recreational areas.

The change is advocated by a group that wants Sea Dog Brewery to sell beer at an upcoming festival. Once the ordinance is changed, however, the fl oodgates will be open and other vendors (local and otherwise) will have a green light to sell beer at city beaches and recreational areas.

A better solution is to let Sea Dog participate in the festival, selling its food and soda products but not alcohol.

Our city has recognized that city parks and beaches are special areas that are heavily utilized by children and youth. That’s one reason why alcohol has been banned since 1974 and, recently, use of tobacco products was banned.

Our community is trying to reduce substance abuse by children and youth. It sends a mixed message to use city beaches and property to enable alcohol sales. In fact, this change in the ordinance is promoted a group whose members would benefi t fi nancially from the change. I don’t see any school guidance counselors, law enforcement offi cials or substance abuse counselors supporting it.

Dave Canarie
South Portland

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