2013-06-14 / Letters

Why police neighbors?

To the editor:

I reside on Wythburn Road and have known of the Pattersons for quite some time now. I was born and raised in this neighborhood and this family has never caused an issue before.

They mind their own business and go about their daily life without stirring up any trouble. Why some neighbors are so concerned about their lifestyle is beyond me. It seems to me that this family lives in a home that is not aesthetically pleasing and simply does not fit into our view of a cultural norm. When someone steps outside of what society views as normal, we immediately want to regain control of the situation and put them back in order. However, why must we force this family to move or fix up their house? They are simply leading the life that they want to live and we must respect that and not create controversy and humiliation for their family and children. It is simply disrespectful and ignorant to point fingers at innocent human beings and force them to change their lifestyles; they are not hurting anyone. As for Scott Day’s comment, “Eight years is long enough that we’ve had to put up with looking at a mess,” your neighbors had to look at your mess for years. Your house was unfinished for years – half finished with siding and the other half covered with Tyvek house wrap. For you to say such a thing is completely hypocritical. In fact, as I look out from my back deck I can see your unfinished garage, long weeds/grass along the side of your garage and a truck that has been sitting in your yard for quite some time now.

Before we make a decision about this “issue” we must first address the way that we live our own lives. Nobody is perfect and it is simply unfair to make a family with children move from their house.

Kenneth Conley
South Portland

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