2013-07-26 / Letters

Fix curbs before accident happens

To the editor:

I wanted to address an issue with the street curbs that were installed last year along Sawyer Road in South Portland, specifically the stretch from Marsh Road up to Ocean (77).

They are extremely ill-conceived and potentially dangerous. Along this stretch they have simply put down asphalt and formed it into the curb as opposed to a concrete or granite curb. The main issue is that it is such a low profile and the exact same color as the street and the side walk so they visually they do nothing to distinguish sidewalk from street.

On multiple occasions I have been walking either by myself or with my young children along Sawyer and seen people continue what they must have thought was a straight line onto the sidewalk before swerving back into the street. The city seems to have realized this was a problem halfway throughout the improvement as they installed real curbs past Marsh Street going toward Cottage. My wife has attempted to contact city councilors about the problem via email with no response. We are both reluctant to bring our kids along that route until the problem is addressed (perhaps by painting a shoulder? putting in real curbs?). I am hoping the city will fix this before they are forced to do so by some horrible accident. Adam Lampton South Portland

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