2013-08-23 / Front Page

Police Cite Unlicensed South Portland Massage Parlor for Alleged "Adult Uses"

By Jack Flagler
Staff Writer

South Portland police say a unlicensed massage parlor on Broadway, doubling as an “Adult Use Establishment,” is in violation of city ordinances.

According to a media release from Lt. Frank Clark of the South Portland Police Department, a police investigation into “suspicious or inappropriate activities” at Red Stone Spa, located at 585 Broadway, revealed the establishment offered massage services without a city license and “rub-down or other pseudo-massage services” – also without a license.

Additionally, the alleged adult spa violates a section of South Portland’s code of ordinances, which establishes that no Adult Use Establishment may operate within 1,000 feet of a public park or a public school. Red Stone Spa is located less then 400 feet from Mill Creek Park and Mahoney Middle School.

The police department issued a letter to owner of Red Stone Spa, Lucy Louie, and manager Lan Song Liu, both of New York, informing them of the violations. Louie and Liu were asked to immediately cease and desist from providing massage or adult services.

Copies of the letters were also sent to the owners of the property, who, according to the release, are seeking to remove the business from that location.

The purpose of the city’s massage ordinance (Chapter 14, Article XII) is to differentiate businesses offering legitimate massage therapy by trained and experienced therapists from businesses masquerading as massage therapists as a facade for the exchange of sexual acts for money.

The Adult Use Establishment License Ordinance, (Chapter 14, Article XIII) regulates businesses such as adult amusement stores, adult movie theaters and adult spas to prevent them from concentrating in one area and potentially having a negative impact upon nearby neighborhoods – especially those containing residences, schools, places of worship, public parks or recreational areas.

The police department issued a civil summons Friday, Aug. 23 to Louie, 34, to appear in Portland District Court on Oct. 16 for three violations of South Portland’s city ordinances. Each violation of the ordinances carries a potential fine between $500 and $2,500. No criminal charges had been filed as of Monday, Aug. 26.

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