2013-08-30 / Business Review

A Unique Blend Of Conventional And Alternative Care Of The Whole Person

Dr. Robert Sholl MD Dr. Robert Sholl MD Robert Sholl, MD is combining the best of both worlds together at Wellspring Family Medical Associates, a functional medicine office at 153 US Rt 1 in Scarborough, and at True North, 202 Rt 1 in Falmouth. Helping people with challenging issues by the integration of conventional and alternative medical care through the lens of functional medicine is his goal. According to the Institute for Functional Medicine, this model of health care “addresses the whole person, not just the isolated set of symptoms.” “In my prior family medical practice I became very aware of the importance of ones spiritual, physical, psychological, and relational health as contributors to overall health. It has been extremely rewarding to now apply advanced principles of functional medicine to this and see people feel better and regain hope,” Dr. Sholl said. “I like to think of it as putting out the fire instead of just covering up the smoke. Having more time to consider the story of ones complete life cycle helps to make this possible. Often, the outcome is less need for medication and more successful disease modification, and even reversal.” Dr Sholl considers his niche as the blending together of his own spirituality, 35 years of experience in family medicine, certification as a

Health and Fitness Specialist, and advanced functional medicine training, to bring hope to people who have become discouraged about their health. A functional medicine provider will also focus on the genetic issues, environmental inputs like the air we breath, toxic exposures, nutrition, and lifestyle issues. Treatment is through a variety of ways including botanicals, nutritional supplements, drugs, and dieting and detoxification programs. It can also include counseling, exercise and stress management tactics, and wellness planning. Dr. Sholl is part of the first wave of certification candidates in the country who have completed all of the required advanced training through the IFM for the certification exams next month. “If someone is frustrated due to symptoms or an illness that seems to have hit a roadblock in terms of treatment, a functional medicine evaluation can often times help to overcome this. The consultations are not meant to replace the care of one’s PCP.” Dr. Sholl said. He is offering a 10% discount on the initial visit for the months of Sept and Oct. A 15 min get acquainted visit can be arranged for free. Call 289-1060 and visit www.functionalmedicinemaine.com.

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