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It’s never too late to get in shape at Healthy Body, Fit Mind

MaryAnn Molloy MaryAnn Molloy MaryAnn Molloy, owner of Healthy Body, Fit Mind is out to prove that it is never too late to begin a fitness program. For the last seven years, Healthy Body, Fit Mind, located at 184 Main Street in South Portland, has been helping individuals over 40 years old learn to love to exercise and move.

“We are the only place in Maine, if not New England, catering specifically to people over 40 years old. We are a non-traditional, non-intimidating studio,” Molloy said. “Other places may serve an older population as part of their programming, however they are not specific to people over 40 and customized the way we are.”

Molloy has established a reputation of pushing her strong following of clients at Healthy Body, Fit Mind to improve their fitness through regular weekly classes and individual training sessions all the while making it fun (one of her secret ingredients). Although clients can expect that reputation and tradition to continue, Molloy also has established new programs to expand the resources available to clients.

Healthy Body, Fit Mind recently started its “W.I.S.E.” program – an acronym for Working out Intelligently Safely and Effectively. The 30-40 minute small-group personal training sessions focus on total body movement to deliver results safely in a short amount of time.

“The Rest of Your Life Diet” and the studio’s wellness room are also new additions to Healthy Body, Fit Mind. “The Rest of Your Life Diet,” customized to each client’s lifestyle, takes a holistic approach to help clients feel better – whether that means improving fitness, making diet changes or reducing stress.

The idea to start Healthy Body, Fit Mind came to Molloy years ago, when she was finding it difficult to find a personal trainer that understood her needs both physically and emotionally (as in having a mind much younger than her body).

“I was unable to find a place to go. I realized I probably wasn’t alone in that. I was in this business before so that inspired me to get back in it to help fill that gap,” Molloy said.

While the studio is designed for people 40 and over, Molloy said a big focus is the Baby Boomer generation – those people 55 to 66. Many people in this group, she said, are turning to exercise as a way to stay healthy and fit as they reach “active” retirement. “It’s less about vanity and more about health and lifestyle. When you are younger, it is more about losing those pounds for that class reunion or that vacation. When you are over 40, health concerns become a major focus,” said Molloy, who has more than 20 years experience in the fitness industry, including teaching weight management courses on the corporate level and a Personal Trainer Certification Course at Southern Maine Community College.

Molloy said many people who her studio services are not used to working out. Therefore, each class can be adapted to each individual, no matter his or her fitness level. “The big thing here is we show three different ways to do each exercise so we can adapt it to each person,” Molloy said.

Healthy Body, Fit Mind offers one on one training, small group training, as well as a weight loss program and a Body Blast Bootcamp. Many of the exercises are to the music of the Baby Boomer generation – The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Molloy said she sees her studio attracting a different clientele than traditional gyms do.

“Gyms attract people who already work out. We attract people who don’t like to work out, but know they have to, or who are intimidated by the experience,” Molloy said.

One advantage of the small class sizes and personalized training at Healthy Body, Fit Mind is the ability of Molloy and the studio’s certified trainers to respond to individual needs. For example, Molloy said she heard multiple comments asking about the possibility of a wellness room in the location. Now, she will be introducing that service to complement the training sessions – offering the clients reflexology and other complimentary therapies.

Above all, Molloy said she wants to create an environment where people over 40 have fun and want to keep coming back. “Our goal is to get you to like (working out) in some fashion because everyone knows they have to work out and exercise,” Molloy said. “ We make it fun so you actually miss your workouts when you aren’t here.”

More information about Healthy Body, Fit Mind can be found at healthybodyfitmind.com, call 210-6640 or email info@healthybodyfitmind.com

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